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What is it about commercial real estate that gets people talking? Hey, did you see what they did with the old Acme building? I heard that new restaurant is coming to Roanoke! That shopping strip in Blacksburg should do well with the Tech students. I hope something nice moves in the old Widget Manufacturing plant. The new industry in Southside is going to give a boost from the old apparel and furniture shops, don't you think? If they don't do something with the old theatre downtown, that would be a shame; that building has good bones!

I think we love commercial real estate activity because it is about the most tangible expression of business we have. Sure, it's fast becoming more a virtual world than ever, but watching what happens to a building we pass by every day or remember from the place we have lived... well, that's something we can put our hands around. We can walk right up to it and touch it. It can be a marker we use to give directions. What happens with a piece of commercial real estate is a testament to our progress.

A building—is how we build. (At least one of our favorite ways.)
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