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If you need a good reason to consider a multi-disciplinary approach to engineering, remember the story about the four engineers on their way to a conference. Something happened to their car causing them to crash and roll over an embankment, finally settling in a heap of dust. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The mechanical engineer immediately wanted to inspect the engine to determine the cause. The electrical engineer was sure it was a faulty power system. The control engineer insisted the anti-lock brakes failed. And the software engineer said they should all push the car back up the mountain and recreate the event.

(None of them were correct, by the way. It was simply human error.) But a cross-trained engineer (all four of those areas are part of the mechatronics domain) might have an advantage in discovering solutions.

We need all skills in our community progress. Training in mechatronics will serve us well; and it's such good timing as we welcome new industry.
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