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If you've been in Virginia's Blue Ridge for more than a few years (months?), chances are probably 100% you know someone connected to Roanoke College, Hollins University, or even Mary Baldwin University. You probably know someone who attended these schools. A significant percentage of the student population from these three institutions of higher learning are "locals" and Virginia residents within a half-day's drive. But even more impressive, are the graduates who end up working here or running various enterprises here---whether they were in-state students or not. (Check out our November 2014 edition of FRONT in our archives section to see what that story looks like).

These three schools all celebrate their 175th anniversary this year.

It behooves us to take a gander at that unique mutual milestone. (And maybe inspires us to go back to college so we can learn how to communicate without using words like behooves and gander.)

In any case, check it out. There's no final exam, so you can just enjoy.

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